De Weelderik


  • Sustainable holiday homes
  • Off-grid
  • Helophyte filter
  • Solar panels


At De Weelderik, we are off-grid and proud of it! Furthermore, we have our own waterborn on the park, we purify the water in a helophyte filter, we sell sustainable products in the clubhouse and the wooden holiday homes are sustainably built. So we are actively working on sustainability. How do we do it? Find out here!

off-grid together

    Solar panels

    There are over 100 m2 of solar panels on each holiday home. Is the sun shining? Then the solar panels generate more energy than we need.


    That surplus of energy goes into our battery. With a battery of 360 kWh, the battery ensures that we have power at night too. In case of emergency, we currently have a diesel-powered aggregate. We hope to replace the current generator with a hydrogen one soon, but until then we want to use it as little as possible.

    We do it together

    Great if you would like to help us (and the planet) with this! By not setting the air conditioning too high, but also by switching on large electricity consumers mainly during the day. So charging your car, doing your laundry and switching on the dishwasher during the day.

what else are we doing?

🏡 The holiday homes at De Weelderik consist of 80% spruce wood (CLT). This wood comes from German and Austrian forests that have been specially planted for housing production. For every tree we use, we plant three trees back.

🪵 The fact that homes are mainly made of wood is not only good for the earth, it is also good for people ... In a wooden Unbrick home, your heart beats about 8,600 fewer times a day than in a house made of stone or steel. Imagine how relaxed you will be when you return home ...

🛍️ In the clubhouse, we aim to sell as many local and sustainable products as possible. From apple juice and cider from the farmer from the region, to organic ice creams from The Nice Company, toilet paper from The Good Roll, Seepje detergent, and organic Clipper tea. Take a look in the clubhouse!

💚 Green is the new blue. The water in your pool comes (like the drinking water) from our own water source. The pool water is continuously purified by hydrolysis. Almost no chlorine is used which is better for the environment. Because we have water from our own source and use hardly any chlorine, the pool water turns a little green. The water is otherwise very clear, but you have to get used to the colour at first. Because the water comes from our own Achterhoek spring, the quality of the water is super good. The quality is checked every moment & in real time!

💧 Bacteria clean up. At the back of the park, between the clubhouse and the padel court, is a helophyte filter. As you will see, a helophyte filter is nothing more than a reed bed where bacteria live in between, which (together with the filters in a septic tank) purify rainwater and wastewater. The plants absorb oxygen from the air and add it to the wastewater. The bacteria living around the roots convert waste products from the water into nutrients for themselves and the plants. The clean water then comes back from the ground and from the tap at your holiday home via our own water source. You absolutely must not enter the helophyte filter. By doing so, you confuse the bacteria and disrupt the purification process. 

🗝️ We go for gold! Green Key is the hallmark for sustainability in the recreation sector. The hallmark tests companies in twelve areas and asks them to set sustainability goals. Every year, you evaluate the goals and set up a new plan. By 2024, we aim to achieve Green Key Gold. 

2 nights
2 people

Unbrick One Family | Sauna and Heated Private Pool | 4 Pers.

Netherlands, Gelderland, Hengelo
  • Private Heated Pool & Sauna
  • Superdeluxe in nature
  • One bedroom for you and one for the kids
2 nights
2 people

Unbrick One | Sauna and Heated Pool | 4 Pers.

Netherlands, Gelderland, Hengelo
  • Private heated pool & sauna
  • Superdeluxe in nature
  • Ultimate relaxation
2 nights
2 people

Unbrick One | Sauna en Verwarmd Zwembad | 2 Pers.

Netherlands, Gelderland, Hengelo
  • Privé verwarmd Zwembad & Sauna
  • Superdeluxe in de natuur genieten
  • Romantisch & ultiem relaxt