De Weelderik
De Weelderik
De Weelderik
De Weelderik
De Weelderik
  • Carefree in nature
  • Sustainable, luxury premium
  • Review score Google: 4.8 out of 5

private heated pool & Sauna


In the Achterhoek scenery, you will find premium holiday homes in contemporary and authentic surroundings. Equipped with most state-of-the-art innovations, you can enjoy pure nature and all the luxury in a fully sustainable way. Completely off-grid and self-sufficient. Yet with everything within easy reach. A vast natural park for the endless outdoors, but also the luxury of your own swimming pool or a wine cooler for that relaxing drink. That exact combination of luxury premium, small-scale attention and the opulence of nature is what we call De Weelderik.

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in contrasts

An unexpected combination of back to basic and high-tech. Both premium and pure. Activity as well as relaxation. The interplay of these contrasts makes us who we are. It's what makes us De Weelderik.

Wild greenery
and opulence

Castles in the backyard and hills on the horizon. You've never felt further from home. Yet everything feels familiar and close. At a park full of luxurious amenities such as padel courts, private swimming pool, sauna and a house with an outdoor kitchen, you will feel at ease in no time. And if that's not enough, we'll gladly bring you the most beautiful regional products—or you can just open a bottle of wine. It will be waiting for you in the built-in climate cabinet. At a perfect temperature.

Off the grid
but still connected

De Weelderik is the first park in Europe to be completely self-sufficient.

Our houses yield more than they consume, water is purified with an environmentally friendly helophyte filter and the air conditioning turns off automatically when you open the doors and let nature in. The only connection we have is the internet, which you can use to instantly control your entire holiday.

They don't clean themselves yet, but we will take care of that too.

Back to basic
and high-tech

De Weelderik is a place to reflect —and to gain new insights. A place to connect with nature and leave the daily grind behind. At the same time, you will stay in a home that is more luxurious than your own home, with the hospitality to match. The house is maintained, cleaned and set up to perfection.

You can leave your pillow at home as well. We'll make sure you get one that suits your sleeping style.

A park
full of entertainment

De Weelderik is full of facilities allowing you to meet people or get some time to yourself. They include a multicourt, padel court, sports field, boot camp, picnic area and area for the children. Golf course 't Zelle is a stone's throw away. There is also plenty to experience when it comes to culture in the Achterhoek!

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WHY De Weelderik?

    Private pool
    Private Finnish Sauna
    Padel court
    Personal Attention
    Small-scale & intimate
    Sustainable resort

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In the Achterhoek
Bocage landscape

De Weelderik is located in the Achterhoek area, surrounded by the nature of Gelderland. With a full batter,y you can be there in no time from Amsterdam, Utrecht or Enschede!