De Weelderik


Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna is healthy for your body and mind and provides peace and relaxation.

  • The control panel is located in the sauna to the left of the door
  • Use the middle button to switch on the lighting
  • Check whether the safety button inside next to the door is not pressed by turning it a small turn.


  • The infrared heaters must warm up before they are ready for use.
  • After 5 minutes the sauna is ready for use.


Prepare well for a sauna visit.

  • Never go into the sauna in a hurry
  • Make sure you have eaten and drunk enough, alcohol is not recommended
  • After physical exertion, wait 15 to 30 minutes before using the sauna
  • Prepare a large towel for you to sit or lie on
  • Before entering the sauna, first take a shower and then dry yourself thoroughly
  • Leave slippers or other footwear outside the sauna cabin

In the sauna

Everyone experiences a sauna visit differently. It is important that you determine your own time and that you feel comfortable at all times.

  • Take 10-15 minutes per sauna session
  • Listen to your body to determine your sauna time
  • Children up to the age of 4 cannot yet regulate their body temperature properly, so we do not recommend allowing them to enter the sauna under this age.
  • Always sit or lie on a towel in the sauna.
  • Less experienced sauna visitors should start on the bottom bench where the temperature is the lowest.

You can immediately switch off the sauna oven at any time by pressing the red emergency button. It can be reset by rotating it one turn.