De Weelderik
House Rules

House Rules


We kindly request that you treat the property with respect. You must adhere to the house rules drawn up for this purpose. Failure to comply with one or more rules will unfortunately mean that there is a chance that we will have to terminate the stay.


You can check in from 4:00 PM and your holiday at De Weelderik can begin. Check-in is possible until 8:00 PM. Each holiday home has a personal access code for the front door of your holiday home. You can find this code in your reservation. You can park your car in the parking lot next to your holiday home.


Check-out is possible until 10:00 am. On Sunday you can take it easy and enjoy De Weelderik a little longer, check-out is until 8:00 PM. We ask you to arrange the following before check-out:
• The oven, refrigerator, microwave and barbecue outside must be left clean.
• Please empty the dishwasher.
• Place everything back in the holiday home as you found it on arrival.
• Please throw away all rubbish in the recycling center. You will find this just before the barrier on the left.
• Please collect all used linen together with towels in one place, with the exception of mattress protectors.


We believe it is important that waste is separated so that it can be recycled better. In your holiday home you can easily separate your waste in the trash bin: one compartment for paper, one for residual waste and one for glass. Separate your waste and hand it in at the recycling center.


De Weelderik is a small-scale park where you can enjoy a quiet holiday close to nature. Visits are therefore limited. Are you expecting visitors on holiday? Please report this in advance and we will see what is possible.


The WiFi code of your home is 'weelderik', so you can be online quickly! You can also find the WiFi code on the tablet in the living room near the button with the 'i'.


Smoking is not allowed indoors, but smoking is allowed on the terrace. Please throw away cigarette butts in the trash, not on the terrace.


Gourmet or stone grilling in the home is not permitted.


Grilling is only allowed on the barbecue provided. Please leave the grill and BBQ clean. Open fire is not permitted anywhere on De Weelderik.


Both are to be used at your own risk. Swimming after 10:00 PM is allowed, but without noise and splashing. And could you close the roller deck when you are not using the pool? Thanks in advance!


Pets are not allowed to sit, jump or lie in the swimming pools, sleeping areas and/or on the furniture. Please ensure that the dog is always on a leash and does not cause a nuisance by excessive barking. Please remove dog hair before leaving.


Playing music outside is permitted, provided it is within limits. After 10:00 PM you must turn off the music outside. There are good speakers in the house to play your favorite music. You connect your mobile phone to the speakers via Bluetooth. You can read the instructions on the tablet in the living room.


At the resort it is no faster than 10 km (at walking pace).


Outside you can dine and chill on the terrace. If it rains, would you like to put the gray protective cover over the outdoor furniture? The cushions are water-repellent, but not waterproof. The cushions may not be stored in the sauna for fire safety reasons.


Despite our care, it is possible that you have a complaint or suggestion. Please let us know in a timely manner so that we can maintain and/or improve our service and quality and do something about it immediately and during your stay.