De Weelderik
Black bastard

Black Bastard


From low & slow to hot & fast. This kamado can do it all.

1. Fill the kamado with coals up to the first ring. Please note that this is not the steel ring.

2. Open the bottom damper and the lid of The Bastard.

3. Light the barbecue with natural firelighters, no chemicals. You do this by making a triangle and burying the firelighters lightly in the coals. 

4. Now it's waiting for The Bastard to heat up; after 10 minutes your base temperature is about 90 degrees. Every minute adds about 20 degrees. When The Bastard is about at the desired temperature, you can close the lid.

5. Now adjust the top and damper to the desired temperature.

Manual for The Bastard Kamado BBQ